Searching in Chile

Searching in Chile

By Habacuc Diaz, team leader of NOMaD-Chile


The goal of the Searching series is to bring biblical truth and perspective to the skateboarding culture in Santiago, Chile, by touching on areas that are at the core of the skateboarding culture. The series is all original content, using real life experiences of Christian skaters that are active in our community. I am taking these stories and creating a storyline that gives life to the work.

The series initially has five micro films:


Searching for Community

Searching for Identity

Searching for Freedom

Searching for Love

Searching for Purpose


We hope to release a video every two weeks starting in April with the launch of our new ministry Website We are creating this Website to have a platform to distribute our films among our inner city youth.


We are enjoying several elements of this series: the script writing process, the focus of looking into Scripture and then putting on the mind of skaters and their needs, the urban setting of our own city for our location, and even the chance to work exclusively with skaters in the production of this series.


When you pray, please pray for our safety in the streets and for the equipment when we are shooting. Also, pray for our creativity to be guided by God. Pray for our families and our church as they are supporting and encouraging our efforts.


We are also shooting a project for the pro-life series with the Sabias Que ministry, it is going very well. Our next series is Money Counts. It is a series of videos with Christian principles for financial management designed for college age students. We are very excited about the work here.


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