Scouting Opportunities

Scouting Opportunities

By Stephen Muturi, Operations Manager of GNPI-Uganda

My coworker, Othaina, and I recently took a trip to parts of northern Uganda and Nimule, South Sudan, where we captured testimonies on the impact of the Solar Kits on people’s lives in rural areas previously unreached.


We were also able to scout the opportunities to spread the Gospel through media. The Nimule mission team has two Solar Kits. They have showed GNPI media to the Madi, Dinka, and among other local language speakers. In addition they have started another program, where they buy memory cards, load them with audio Bibles and GNPI materials, and distribute them. A partnership with another local ministry has made their distribution goals more attainable. The call to translate The Global Gospel and other projects into Madi or Acholi has excited us as a possible need to explore.


In addition to working with another local ministry, the mission team in Nimule has established a relationship with a local radio station that has been useful in making known what GNPI produces. Lastly, the team has been actively involved in youth empowerment and training through the MTI extension center there. Our discussions with the team here pointed to a team of young people who can be trained in basic media editing by a NOMaD team to spread positive messages in the area. We also trained one young man in Solar Kit use,




gave him a kit, and gave out copies of The Global Gospel to one of the ministry leaders, Eddie Gonzalez, for distribution.

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We wish to express our appreciation for your continued support for the team in east Africa. Our work for the Kingdom could not be possible without your support, prayers, and encouragement.


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