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Scientists of God

Sergei Golovin believes the work of the Lord should never stop. He is committed to making the best of the uncertain situation for the sake of the kingdom of God. He and his team are excited to introduce some new apologetics materials for Europeans.

By Sergei Golovin, Regional Director of GNPI-Ukraine

A new media project has resulted as a follow up of our Scientists of God book publishing. Through several generations, the worldview in our region was shaped by atheistic textbooks on science, and most everyone believed that all great scientists were atheists by default.

Many people told us they were challenged greatly by discovering from Scientists of God that the vast majority of modern science founders were devoted believers and were led in their research by their convictions. This led us to produce a series of short videos, also called Scientists of God. The first one is on Louis Pasteur.

We also started a Creation Moments audio series. It includes 90-second programs on natural evidences for the biblical account of creation. Please keep these projects in your prayers.


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