Satan Failed

Satan Failed

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

One truth in Kingdom work is that the more effort and vision are extended to reach people, the more the evil one strives to discourage and destroy.

As our Piedras Negras team gathered to discuss their future productions and people they hoped to reach, they were not ignorant of Satan’s schemes. They dreamed about reaching cities such as Pachuca and Querétaro, as well as the countries of Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, and Chile.

As some of these exciting plans began to take shape over the last year, a key staff person made the difficult decision to move his family to Querétaro for the benefit of his special needs son.

The news of Pablo’s leaving devastated the team in Piedras Negras, yet a part-time staff member Ali stepped up to help fill the gap.

Pablo is still working with the Piedras Negras team part of the time, and his son is steadily improving with the special training and attention available in Querétaro. In addition, God is using Pablo as the web designer, videographer, graphics designer, and trainer to help launch an exciting new church planting effort called Impacto Network.

Gustavo Velázquez, regional director of GNPI-Piedras Negras said, “Satan had plans to reduce and discourage us. After seeing Pablo, his family, and his work, I know that they are well, and so are we. What Satan tried to do has failed.”

Amen! What Satan tried to do at Calvary failed too, and that is Good News!


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