Ringfinger Confessionals – Will I Make It? (Episode 3)

//Ringfinger Confessionals – Will I Make It? (Episode 3)

Ringfinger Confessionals – Will I Make It? (Episode 3)

Charles Righa is first a Christian, second a musical artist, and third, an African. He came to GNPI-Kenya for help with an idea for a series of 3 short videos that address the topic of abstinence until marriage.

It’s a topic that needs to be discussed, but is often kept quiet.

“My love for music began with hip hop but has since grown into a more eclectic and versatile appreciation that cuts across a variety of genres. I believe music creates a platform to share a message or ideas and I hope to use my music to say whatever God places on my heart.


The Apostle Paul in Philippians 2 paints a picture of the children of God “shining like stars in the midst of a crooked and depraved generation as they boldly hold out the word of truth.” That’s what I wanna achieve for myself and for the people I interact with. I pray that God uses my life and music to inspire others to shine and live life in and on purpose.”  ~ Charles Righa

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