Ringfinger Confessionals – “I’m a Virgin, So What?” (Episode 1)

//Ringfinger Confessionals – “I’m a Virgin, So What?” (Episode 1)

Ringfinger Confessionals – “I’m a Virgin, So What?” (Episode 1)

written by GNPI and Isaac Masiga, GNPI-Kenya’s Regional Director

A LOT of communication happens between the Joplin office and the regional centers, as you can imagine. Isaac, regional director in Kenya, had sent 3 short music videos that are included on Video Loop IV to Joplin for us to see. We watched the videos and were blown away.

We asked Isaac about how the concept came about and more about the artist. Here is Isaac’s response:

Well, the story behind them is, ironically, the stigma one gets because one is a virgin. Charles Rigga, the featured local artist came up with the idea and came to us for help in developing the story and executing it. We did it all in house. During an interview with Rigga, we asked him what inspired him. Here is what he said:

My love for music began with hip hop, but has since grown into a more eclectic and versatile appreciation that cuts across a variety of genres. I believe music creates a platform to share a message or ideas and I hope to use my music to say whatever God places on my heart.

I’m a young man trying to live for God in the context of a highly sexualized world. My hormones and my flesh want one thing while God calls me to a different standard. The song is not about me being preachy to everyone else, but it’s about my journey…me speaking to God on behalf of myself, in the hope that others would be encouraged to trust God to keep themselves pure before marriage.

Stay tuned, the other two videos in the series will be posted over the next two weeks.


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