Reputation: It Matters.

//Reputation: It Matters.

Reputation: It Matters.

We often talk about Protus Sibukule and the NOMaD team in Eldoret, Kenya, so you may be familiar with the work being done among the Pokot people. God is changing that tribe through these men, and their reputation is becoming known!

The principal of a high school in the Pokot district heard about the impact they have made with media evangelism, and how incidents of cattle rustling are declining.
The principal invited the Eldoret team to his school for a one day rally featuring their productions including Tough Choices, and two episodes of Tumaini Hotel.”

Protus and the Eldoret team took advantage of the invitation.

“We thought it wise to begin by reaching to the students and youth, many of whom have been involved in cattle rustling,” Protus said. “(Our goal) was to help teach them the word of God so that they can know God, believe in Him, and make Him known to their neighbors.”

The messages to the high schoolers were so well received that after watching the videos, many students repented!

We are so encouraged at how the work this NOMaD team does changes lives. We hope you are too! They are producing such excellent content that they are garnering invitations to share it with others.

Reputation matters. That reputation is being developed in Eldoret, Kenya through biblically accurate, culturally relevant media made possible by you!

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