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Solar KitBob and Pam Hudson of Mexico Medical Missions

We work with a mission hospital in the Sierra Madres of Mexico, and last year we met two GNPI team members. While we were talking about our ministry in very remote villages to the Tarahumara Indians, the GNPI staff offered to give us the Solar Kit they had with them. We took it with us and gave it to a missionary friend who lives in a village off the main road two hours by car (traveling at a speed about 8 mph) and then another two hours on foot. Obviously, there is no electricity or any other kind of convenience. This friend loves the Solar Kit and is able to tell Bible stories like never before. Thank you so much for you help.

It is our joy to pass on this message of appreciation from Mexico. Thank you for your partnership to help Christian workers in remote places have access to helpful tools for their ministries. Visit to apply for a Solar Kit or to supply funds for others in need of a Solar Kit.


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