Rejoicing and Reflecting on Vision Night 2015

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Rejoicing and Reflecting on Vision Night 2015

GNPI welcomed a total of 465 people to our three Vision Night events. We had 325 people attend in Joplin, 95 people in Indianapolis, and 50 in Phoenix. It was a wonderful time of fellowship, encouragement, and sharing the vision of what God can do through the ministry of GNPI in the future.

Here are some highlights of Executive Director Mike Schrage’s update about the global ministry of GNPI before introducing our special guest, Sergei Golovin, regional director of GNPI-Ukraine.


When you think of the word “boundless,” what comes to mind? I thought of a few things: oceans, galaxies, and God’s grace — these all have a sense of boundlessness! “His grace is new EVERY morning!” (Lamentations 3:22-23) That means boundless, limitless grace from a boundless, limitless God!

But four billion people have not accepted this offer of grace, and two billion have not even heard of this grace! They’ve not heard because they’re trapped by walls of religion. They’re bound — bound by the wall of Islam (1 billion), Hinduism (1 billion) and Buddhism (over half a billion), and other bounded systems of approaching God.

These are people Jesus died for who desperately need to hear about a boundless God who can obliterate any obstacle that stands between them and him. They need followers like you who believe in this remarkably boundless God to embrace ministries like GNPI to make a global difference.

Our staff of 16 full-time or part-time staff in Joplin support 84 full and part-time national workers. That does not count our eight NOMaD teams and their members! Today, GNPI has production taking place in 17 locations in well over 20 languages. The sun rarely sets on the humming production network of GNPI – she is becoming boundless in scope and impact!

As a perfect illustration of how God’s boundless majesty can overcome any obstacle we face, Dr. Sergei Golovin shares with us his testimony and tenacity.


Here is the audio of what Sergei shared at Vision Night.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership to accelerate global evangelism through media and technology.


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