Pumpkin Seeds

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Pumpkin Seeds

Do you know the principle of the pumpkin seed?

I refer to Seth Godin regularly because I really respect many of the things he writes.  In a recent blog he shared thoughts about pumpkin seeds:

“You can do two things with pumpkin seeds. Eat them, an excellent source of protein, or plant them, and watch a successful seed bring back 100 more. The farmer who plants the seeds aggressively, without regard for, “Hey, be careful, I could have eaten that seed,” often ends up with many more pumpkins and many more seeds. On the other hand, the person who guards all the seeds and then eats them ends up with not much.”

Isn’t that a great illustration of how we’re to regard the hope that we have in Christ Jesus?

Godin continues:

“Isn’t it true with us, as Christians, we can binge on the Gospel ‘seeds’ of Christian music, prosperity from living in a free-enterprise country, and freedom to worship at any time. It is true that we are supposed to consume some of this goodness and blessing, but the bulk of these ‘pumpkin seeds’ should be willingly shared with others.”

Seeds of faith, family, and funds can be shared freely, and there will be more when we give them away! The Apostle Paul says when you give them away they are “credited to your account” in heaven!

For nearly four decades, GNPI has been sowing seeds by producing and distributing relevant Christian media with unique delivery tools. We can have confidence that this seed sowing is going to produce more fruit (though I never thought of pumpkins) for the kingdom.

Praise God for his marvelous plan.

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