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Project Nomad Expands to Indonesia

Twenty-seven students participated in Project Nomad basic training in Salatiga, Indonesia, at the Christian Church Theological School of Indonesia.

Bob Sartoris, GNPI Ministry Partner



My experience working in certain regions has always proven to be challenging, not so much from security concerns, but from the attacks that Satan seemed to introduce somehow into the planning and process. Once again, my time here was not an exception!”

The workshops started out very well, and the first day we accomplished more than I hoped. The students seemed very engaged and had a blast working on their first interview shooting exercise. Day two started out with lighthearted fun during the hands on exercises, and the students were showing pride in their project ideas.



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Then some of our equipment disappeared. Staff members intervened, and the equipment was restored. Satan had lost this battle.

The next morning the president of the college went down to the main office and walked into another mess. Overnight, someone broke into the office area and ransacked the place. Desk drawers were strewn about, paper files and notebooks spilled of their contents, furniture was in disarray, and some equipment and cash were missing.

Trying to be reassuring, I shared about our many experiences in Kenya when we were working on projects to reach people in the major world religions, only to be plagued with technical hiccups and other strange, unexplained setbacks. My explanation was that we must be doing something right if Satan was working that hard to discourage us! They all agreed, and then we took time to pray to thank God for bringing us this far and to ask for His protection as we completed the workshops in the days ahead.  


The students worked in teams to prepare an interview presenting a testimony on the theme “Hope in the Midst of Tragedy.” The training finished well with great potential for the future.


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