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Producing The Global Gospel in the World’s Top 25 Languages

Of the billions who are potential disciples of Jesus Christ, millions cannot read. Millions cannot afford a Bible in their own language. Millions do not have access to a Bible. Either it still needs to be translated into their dialect, or they live in a country antagonistic to the causes of Christ.

The Global Gospel is a potential solution.

A digital survey of the life and teachings of Jesus synthesized from the Gospels, these 88 visual stories are being produced in languages they can understand. The short stories are free to download from the Internet on any desktop computer or mobile device. The visual stories can be used to teach children, engage Sunday school classes, or illustrate sermons on the life of Jesus every week for over a year! The Global Gospel is currently available for download in seven languages, with many more to be released soon. GNPI’s phase one goal is to produce The Global Gospel in the world’s 25 most widely spoken languages by the end of 2015. Meanwhile, more than 50 other languages are at various phases of the production process.

The vision is becoming reality. To learn more go to

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