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Produce. Partner. Train.

By Nenette Pacoli, Regional Director of GNPI-Philippines 


GNPI-Philippines’ mission is to produce excellent, culturally relevant materials and to partner with Christ-centered churches and organizations. Part of that partnership is to share our materials with them or train people in production. Produce. Partner. Train. These past two months, we got to do all three!

Recently, we went to Christ’s Church in Malolos (about 20 miles away) to present the ministry to six ministers and their wives, who came from different towns within a five-mile radius of Malolos.  Four of the six pastors signed an on-the-spot partnership agreement to use our materials responsibly and to pray for GNPI-Philippines on a regular basis. They asked if we were asking for money or selling the materials. We told them that the materials were theirs to use free of charge, and they really couldn’t believe it at first. We left DVD copies of over 30 Asin at Ilaw lessons (grouped into topics), WWJD episodes, Worship series, and All Things New. A few days later, I got a note from one of the pastors that they are planning to use All Things New in an evangelistic event very soon. I hope to hear from the others too.



​Then, I did a video production workshop for 30 high school students, at the request of our long-time partner, Jesus’ Flock Academy.  I designed a one-week course for them, following the course outline for NOMaD, and I asked our former staff member, Nonie, to speak about camera techniques, lighting, and audio. It was both exciting and tiring work, but it was definitely fulfilling to see the kids on fire to tell their own stories on video.

201502_PHL_Video_Workshop_Academy_0006 2


Meanwhile, we have had shoots for two more episodes of WWJD too.



It’s been a hectic couple of months for us, and we are totally happy. Thanks again for this opportunity to be working hand in hand with you all.


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