Prince of Peace

//Prince of Peace

Prince of Peace

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Scripture refers to Jesus as the Prince of Peace. He offers a gift of peace that cannot be understood by the world. It’s a paradox. How can discipleship that often includes violence, severed relationships, and loss of material possessions be considered peaceful?

The birth of Jesus demonstrated this tension. The alignment of stars shifted. Kings travelled hundreds of miles to search for the fulfilment of prophecy. A king went on a killing rampage. Jesus and his parents secretly fled the country.

Where is the peace in all of this?

Dr. James Dennison shares an interesting perspective on peace.

“During my first visit to Cuba, I told one of the pastors that I had been praying for persecution against his people to lessen. He asked me to stop. Seeing my puzzled expression, he explained that persecution was being used by God to purify the church and strengthen the resolve of true believers. Then he told me that many in Cuba were praying for persecution to increase against Christians in America, for the same reason.

The peace Jesus brought to the earth came with a subsequent storm. Despite the difficulty of our current circumstances when the dust settles from this life, we’ll have the ultimate peace.

We rightly pray for peace on earth during the month of December, but others are praying for peace from a different perspective. We long for peace on earth, but we also long for the ultimate peace made possible because Jesus stepped off His throne in Heaven and came to this cold, lonely, troubled world.

It is a gift to have a wise and just God who knows how to meet our needs and answer our prayers.

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