Preventing Spiritual Leakage

//Preventing Spiritual Leakage

Preventing Spiritual Leakage

I recently read “going into a church service doesn’t make you a Christian any more than walking into a barn makes you a cow!”

Attending a religious function (what we call worship in a church, mosque, or synagogue) does not define a Christ-follower or devotee of any other religion. Indeed, even religious practice combined with misguided sincerity of actions (for example, agreeing that all roads lead to heaven) is dangerous and challenging to us as followers of Jesus.

We don’t want to be labeled as judgmental or intolerant. Who does? Yet the tension of compromise for the sake of not rocking the boat is exactly how our lives develop “spiritual leakage.”

“Spiritual leakage” is a term my preacher, Randy Gariss, is fond of saying! At times we inadvertently compromise yruth by giving credence to perspectives we know aren’t in line with God’s Word – instead of considering the very eternities of the people we wish not to offend.

I want to be a friend to everyone, yet the words of Jesus are laser focused. He said he was the way, the truth, and the life, and that no one could come to God, except by him.

It all comes back to, as the Apostle Paul said, speaking the truth in love. We do this so we won’t be guilty of thinking we’re a cow just because we’ve walked into the barn.

Well, maybe that’s not quite the best picture to paint after all. But I think you get the point. Truth is truth, and it’s worth sharing – even when it’s hard. After all, eternities are at stake.

No pun intended.

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