Pressing Pause

//Pressing Pause

Pressing Pause

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

We’ve all heard the phrase “stop the presses!” In the print era, this meant something significant was missing in the next edition, and workers needed to stop, process, and potentially add to or rewrite portions.

In the digital era, I wonder what is the equivalent? Hold the phone? Hit the pause button? The reason I mention these phrases is because Bob Nunnally, our IT and app coordinator in Joplin, recently reminded me of some figures for a few of our Spanish video productions available at Here’s the list:

  • Promesa de Amor – 2,808,789 views
  • Sin Alternativa – 147,758 views
  • La Red – 58,299 views
  • Promesa de Amor Christian Music – 41,559 views
  • La Ultima Oracion – 27,509 views

Let those numbers sink in for a moment! Across the Spanish speaking world, almost 3 million people have viewed a video online about spousal abuse and what a Christian response should be. Another older movie, Tough Choices, about the sanctity of life has been viewed by 150,000 people.

In today’s social and digital media world, once video productions are made and offered in this teeming ocean called the Internet, only God’s Spirit knows the breadth and depth of its impact. That is simply amazing and makes “hitting the pause button” worthwhile as we praise our Lord, who is the giver of technology to His people, the Church! What an honor GNPI has to be a part of that plan.


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