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“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” – 1 John 3:18 (NIV)

Never Turning Back: Timothy P. of GNPI-SE Asia writes, “One of the young leaders who attended our month-long training declared that he would never turn back to his old way of teaching in any situation. He said he plans to quit his job and relocate to share the Good News of Christ with his relatives in the middle part of the region. He wants to help others understand that worshiping Jesus Christ is the true way. Our team believes that a movement can happen in this country if all Christians will go and do evangelism.”

Joyful Time of Completion: Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Eurasia writes, “The month of August was a joyful time of completion of one of the greatest resources we have ever produced. It’s the Physics of God’s Creation textbook by Andrey Goryainov, our faithful coworker for more than 25 years. This is the very first national (not translated from a foreign language or culture) Christian textbook on science in the former Soviet Union! The main principle of its writing was maximum clarity and minimum formulas. The work on the book lasted seven years. Please pray that God will use the book as a great contribution to shape the solid Bible-based worldview of the next generations of our post-communist society!”

Great Commission TV: Nenette Pacoli of GNPI-Manila, Philippines, writes, “Praise the Lord! I have exciting news about Faith Matters, too! Episodes of the short devotional series are broadcast twice a day during the week and once a day on the weekends on Great Commission TV, the only Christian television station in the Philippines. The station began broadcasting the programs at no charge on September 11.”

Powerful Project: Manee Massey of GNPI-Damoh, India, writes, “Praise the Lord! The recordings with Sadhu Nityanand continue to go well with nearly 50 messages completed and five music videos in progress. We want to record English versions in addition to the Hindi language of this powerful project. We have also distributed five Solar Kits to enhance the outreach of Christian workers in rural villages.”

Authentic, Accurate, and Relevant Church: Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Nairobi, Kenya, writes, “The target audience for Redefining the Church series is those who are tired and disillusioned by the status quo in the Church today. Pray we can reveal the authentic, accurate, and relevant Church emerging as a fulfillment of God’s purposes for the nations.”

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