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“. .  . He broke the power of death and illuminated the way to life and immortality through the Good News.” — 2 Timothy 1:10 (NLT)

Mission Accomplished: A Christian worker who requested GNPI resources for a pastor’s conference writes that 500 flash drives were successfully distributed to 500 house church leaders in China. “We will never know the impact of these flash drives until we are in heaven. One thing I know, if just 10 percent of these leaders share the materials, there will be hundreds of thousands viewing and using the resources we gave them.”

God Opened the Door: Timothy P. of GNPI-SE Asia writes, “Praise the Lord for the opportunity to visit the southwest part of our region where there are very strong Buddhists. One of the men who became a Christian a few years ago wanted his people to hear about Jesus. The man blocked the road in front of his house and set up chairs. I presented Jesus to them, saying He came to the earth 2,000 years ago to be with humans and to save them from sin. Everyone listened very quietly. A couple of men in the audience came with questions afterwards and were baptized.”

Good News Radio: Gustavo Velázquez of GNPI-Piedras Negras, Mexico, writes, “Please continue to pray for our radio station (Good News Radio). We have a lot of interaction with listeners, and they express their needs for prayer. Pray for us as we try to encourage them with prayer each week for their spiritual and physical concerns.”

Youth in Uganda: Stephen Muturi of GNPI-Mbale, Uganda, writes, “We are making progress on our distribution efforts. We had an opportunity to show our films to youth attending a three day seminar in Busiu in partnership with LivingStone International University. There was a lot of excitement from these young people.”

Music Ministry in Chile: Habacuc Diaz, Team Leader of Project Nomad-Santiago, Chile, writes, “We are working on a new music video. Our plans are for this to be the first of six songs on a new worship DVD. Praise the Lord! We are learning so much and reaching Chilean youth who love music, art, and videos!”

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