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Prayers & Praises

Your prayers for GNPI are making an impact around the world.

“. . . ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.” Zechariah 4:6 (NIV)

New Disciples in SE Asia: Timothy P. of GNPI-SE Asia writes, “I was invited to preach at two combined Christmas events in our region. In each location about 450 attended. Thirty-four people decided to be baptized. At one place 70 nonbelievers came by boat to hear the Message from three hours away. Many are seeking Christ, but there is no shepherd. Pray we can train more people to share the Gospel throughout the region.”

Church Planting in Thailand: Angela Morse of GNPI-Chiang Mai, Thailand, shares the encouraging story of a new episode of Movement Everywhere. The program highlights one of the pastors who joined together in 2010 with a common goal to fulfill the Great Commission. They returned to their churches and taught their members a practical way to bring people to Christ through loving their neighbors. The members each found ten people within the community to pray for daily. They looked for opportunities to serve, build relationships, and present the Gospel to the people in the community. Their current vision is to have a believer in every village who would start a home church and eventually plant a church in every district. Praise the Lord! Since 2010, this vision has currently produced 70 home churches as well as 13 churches that grew out of these home churches with about 80 members each.”

Ministry Partners in Mexico: Gustavo Velázquez of GNPI-Piedras Negras, Mexico, writes, “In December, our team traveled to the city of Matamoros to record the third part of The Global Gospel in sign language and the last scenes of the documentary, The Life of a Deaf Person. The documentary is scheduled to be completed this month. Praise the Lord for these ministry partners who welcomed and inspired us with God’s love.”

Youth Seminar in Eurasia: Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Eurasia writes, “The youth seminar, Science and the Bible, was one of the most exciting experiences of the year! A youth group from the local church distributed invitations at the local universities and prepared the facility. More than 300 people attended the event; many came with their unbelieving friends. It was a joyful time of exploration, humor, challenges, and praises. Pray for these young professionals as they build their lives on a solid biblical foundation.”

New Partnerships in Uganda: Stephen Muturi of GNPI-Mbale, Uganda, says, “Praise the Lord for the number of young people we have been able to reach this year. Pray the students will grow in their faith and inspire others. In addition to Scripture Union and the Remand Home ministries, we have developed a new relationship with another ministry leading a fellowship among secondary school hostels in the district. The new ministry partner is an evangelist who works with LivingStone University and is a committed pastor.”

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