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Prayers & Praises

“. . . Love each other deeply with all your heart.” – 1 Peter 1:22 (NLT)

Thrilled: Tom Silkwood of GNPI-Chiang Mai, Thailand, writes, “We are thrilled when we see our productions being used and enjoyed. Imagine our surprise when we drove into a village north of Chiang Mai, and the people recognized the ministry logo on our truck. The people at the Mae Ai Christian Church pulled out the DVDs, which contained the same logo. Nearly all the villagers have viewed our movie, Path of Decision, as well as many of the testimonial DVDs and Biblical Extension Course DVDs. We gave their pastor the DVDs last summer at the Thai Christian Convention in Bangkok. Please keep the church in prayer as they bring the Message of hope to their community, and pray our video materials continue to be useful and helpful.”

A Grateful Partner: A Christian worker in eastern Europe, who helped produce The Global Gospel in the language of his country, shared statistics about two of the videos from this series. The team advertised on Facebook a couple weeks ago. There were 185,353 views on the videos and 75,026 views from start to finish. Praise the Lord for this opportunity to share the Gospel in a Muslim country.

Excited: Bryce Powell of Aurora, MO, writes, “The children at Elm Branch Christian Church raised over $1,200 during five nights of VBS offerings last summer! A Solar Kit went to help a Christian worker in India. The children were incredibly excited to make such an impact for the Kingdom of Christ. There is still a need for these Solar Kits. If 50 kids can raise funds for a Solar Kit in five evenings, then I know it is possible for others to step up and sponsor more of these Solar Kits! God bless you, GNPI, for your work, and thank you for partnering with our church to help spread the Gospel of Christ!”

A New Angle: The New Angle Media Project includes 12 children’s stories from the Gospels. The stories are written from the perspective of someone who recounts a personal experience with Jesus. Pray for God’s guidance as we develop this global digital project in English templates and then produce it in multiple languages with interactive questions.

Rejoice With Us: Manee Massey of GNPI-Damoh, India, writes, “We want you to rejoice with us about the renovation of our control room and recording room with new ceiling, insulated walls, carpets, LED lights, repaired furniture, two new air conditioners, and soundproofing. Thanks once again to GNPI for your partnership and prayers, so we can make difference here in India.”

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