Prayer Bicycling

Prayer Bicycling

Tom Silkwood of GNPI-Chiang Mai, Thailand, sent this message shortly before his sudden death on March 26, 2016. Tom was proud of his Thai coworkers who wanted to produce Movement Everywhere. It’s a series about Thai people finding unique ways to share their faith. Tom said their idea turned out to be an outstanding one. The program Tom writes about is the sixth one in this series.

Tom Silkwood, former Regional Director of GNPI-Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thai bicyclist, Mr. Tui, (pictured on the far right), his family, and a team of partners set out to encourage Thai churches as they pedaled through eastern Thailand emphasizing unity, reconciliation, and peace.

They rode their bicycles for 513 miles through mountains and villages praying for people along the way on this trek of inspiration. Our team went along as a support team and video crew.

IMG_1700You can watch the complete 31 minute video with English subtitles.

Thailand has experienced political turmoil for some time and is under a military government, yet God is working here.

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