Praises to God from Pachuca

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Praises to God from Pachuca

Our NOMaD team in Pachuca, Mexico, recently recorded this beautiful and meaningful worship song:



Huella Celestial

It’s all revolving
The world spins out of control
Time runs out
Moment by moment
The clock is ticking fast
Everything goes by quickly
Your smile fades away
There’s nowhere to escape
I need to slow down and seriously think
About the footprint that I wanna leave behind

There’s no time to waste
It’s necessary to believe and overcome the past
Today I have the opportunity
Yesterday’s gone and tomorrow’s not certain
Today is when I can think about making the present a better future
Today I must concede the things that have harmed me and started up again
In this instance I can think about making my mark on this world
With my heavenly footprint

The footprint is His and you can come to know Him


Congratulations on completing this new project!


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