God Multiplies Our Efforts

//God Multiplies Our Efforts

God Multiplies Our Efforts

Sergei Golovin, Regional Director of GNPI-Ukraine

WUAS 4-1

We are amazed to see how God’s work advanced in 2015. Here are some of the highlights despite trouble and turmoil. Political and social unease should not distract us from following Him.

The Lord always uses our efforts for His glory beyond our plans and expectations. Our target audience for the Biblical Foundations for Civil Society course and the Bible and Politics textbook is believers. Our intent for the course and the book was to encourage more active involvement in this post-communist society for the sake of bringing more people into the Kingdom. Nevertheless, even the Civil Activists Association is using it as a manual for their training courses.

Civil Society Seminar-1

Another opportunity to present this biblical foundations material came at a two-day seminar at the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary for their Master’s degree distance learning program. We had a great time with these servants of the Lord from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and Central Asia learning about God’s design for society and the role of His Church in it. May the Lord equip His followers to spread the Message effectively in their home regions!

A new chapter of the Eurasian Apologetics Society was launched Lviv, the in Western Ukraine.

WUAS 2-1

All cultural and language barriers fell down.


We spent several joyful days training volunteers on creation evangelism at the public library in downtown Lviv, the cultural center of entire region. Besides teaching workshops and discussion sessions, we supplied them with various books, mobile apps, and online resources.


While we were in Lviv, we also held a seminar about the role of Scripture in shaping the worldview of future generations. Many parents were excited to now be able to teach their kids the biblical foundations of science using our Ukrainian textbooks. Olga Dyatlik wrote, “My nephews and nieces are my greatest joy. We all love reading together, especially new books. Tonight we read God’s Design for Life: The World of Animals. Thank you for recommending this great resource!”


Finally, the greatest event of the year was our involvement in the Eastern European Leadership Forum.


We developed an apologetics workshop track, supplied books, and participated in the round table discussions.

EELF Apologetics Track 1

Praise the Lord for everyone who came from several eastern Europe countries to learn, worship, and share with each other about the great work the Lord is doing!

EELF Apologetics Track 2

Praise God who multiplies our limited efforts for the glory of His Kingdom!

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