Powerful Testimonies from SE Asia (Part Two)

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Powerful Testimonies from SE Asia (Part Two)

TP of GNPI-SE Asia shares a testimony sent by his coworker who uses the tools developed by our regional center to explain the Gospel to people of all ages. Click here to see (Part One) from yesterday.

No.6-Ingga Nin-44

UIN, age 44, writes,

“I have tried to find God by donations, meditations, and religious actions. At last I have found God, who I have been seeking.

When evangelist DJO came, he said, “I guarantee you cannot find God by meditating, doing religious things, or giving a lot of money to a monastery.” I said, “Of course I will find Him some day, if I keep doing all these things. I think I will please God sometime in my life.”

We argued about it for some time. Then I asked him, “Do you know the way to God? Why are you so argumentative?” He said, “Yes, the Bible says believe in Jesus, that He died for you, was raised from the dead, and is now living in Heaven.” I told DJO that I had read some portions of the Bible a few times. “I found it difficult to understand. I was not satisfied, so I didn’t read it anymore.”

DJO said, “No, no, you should not have stopped reading it. He prayed that God may open my eyes. Look at this circle on this chart and read this little book. It will help you to understand what the Bible says.” He pointed to the circle on the chart on which was written, God, animal, man, images, nature, spirits of ancestors, and devil. As he was praying I thought, I can see why he is praying for my sight.

“Even though you cannot see him, He is alive. This God is the Creator of you and me. He created everything you see with your eyes. Imagine if your son had lost his way and did not come home. Would you just wait for him day after day or would you go out and look for him? Would you ask people about him and show his picture to them?” DJO asked.

 I said, “I would look for my son if he was lost”.

 DJO said, “It was the same way with God, who created the first two human beings. They turned away from God. They had so many children, and the world was filled with their sinful children. Jesus came to look for His people. He came to pay the price to save His people from death, so He died on behalf of us. He was raised from death, so He overcame death after paying the price. Now He is in heaven. If you believe in him, accepting His death and resurrection, you will be saved. Jesus will come back to take believers to heaven.” DJO gave me time to think and read the materials he left.

A few days later I decided to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, and I was baptized.

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