Powerful Testimonies from SE Asia (Part One)

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Powerful Testimonies from SE Asia (Part One)

TP of GNPI-SE Asia shares a testimony sent by a coworker who uses the tools developed by our regional center to explain the Gospel to people of all ages. One of their newest culturally relevant tools is represented in the video clip at the end. Watch for (Part Two) tomorrow.

No.4-Maung Aung Than-23

AT, age 23, writes,

“I thank God because He loves me. My parents became Christians some time ago, but they went back to Buddhism because of weak faith and strong surrounding influences. I followed my parents. Yet I always felt outcast, unfit in the society. I was jobless. One day my parents urged me to find a job, so I went to a new area of the country. There I met many people from my own home town. I also learned that they had monthly meetings.

The evangelist DJO came from my home state to attend one of the meetings. We started the meeting with a prayer, and I listened as they discussed the problem of drugs in our community. Later that day DJO asked me to meet him the next day, so I did. He asked me how I was doing and if I had become a believer? I said no. I told him that my parents were once Christians for a short time, then they went back to Buddhism. He said my parents had not found the true living God. I was surprised to hear that. I asked if there was any God like that. All the gods I knew were just statues, and they were all the same.

He showed me a chart with a circle and explained to me that human beings worship anything. Some worship animals, spirits, trees, sun, moon, or stars, but there are some who worship the true living God, the God who created human beings. He is the one who loves us and cares us. He also gave me a book to read.

We read together. In this book it talked about Jesus as a Savior and the conqueror of death. He is the Messiah. I suddenly realized that He may be the One we have been waiting for. I continued to read the book; it says Jesus called Himself the First and the Last. At that moment I decided to only believe in Jesus, because I was sure that He was not like other gods. I was baptized earlier this year by the evangelist DJO.

I am saved now. I am happy. I want to tell my parents about Jesus. I am glad I had a chance to read the book DJO gave me. I think that it explains God to the readers and why we should worship Him. I will encourage everyone close to me to read this book.”


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