Power Outage? No Problem!

//Power Outage? No Problem!

Power Outage? No Problem!

Do you ever feel “in the dark” about what God is doing in your life? It’s hard sometimes to know exactly how He’ll use the circumstances we encounter. We hear stories of Christians being executed in North Korea and wonder about God’s plan, and we remember our friends in the Philippines as they will pick up the pieces from the aftermath of the typhoon for a very long time.

Recently, our Center in Southeast Asia was in the dark, literally. But, it’s not unusual for the power to go out as they work on productions.

The speaker arrived at the scheduled time and began to record.


About 20 minutes into the session power failed and the crew was literally in the dark—but everyone stayed…and they waited. This project that started in the early afternoon was eventually completed hours later!


Perseverance is the name of the game when it comes to producing and distributing evangelistic materials. As we prepare the soil with culturally relevant, Christ-centered content, others plant the seed, still others water, and God ultimately brings His harvest. We thank God for our many staff around the world who sacrifice and often risk much to share the Word of God with people who desperately need Him.

The project being recorded will have an accompanying printed pamphlet. Would you consider a gift toward the $1,600 price tag of the printing of that evangelistic tool?

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