Playing by the Rules

//Playing by the Rules

Playing by the Rules

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Many people believe that we, as humans, are innately good. On the plane ride to Uganda, I read something that would bring this belief into sharp dispute. Did you know that the rule book for Major League Baseball is 250 pages? If people are innately good and always do the right thing, why do we need 250 pages of guidelines for “America’s Game?”

The truth is everyone struggles with sin. Thank God for His grace and the way to overcome sin through Jesus Christ. Our regional centers around the world produce media to show people who’ve relied on rules and pleasing gods who can’t save them that there’s a bridge for them built by a cross.

God’s Word affirms this in Romans 3 when stating, “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” or “there is no one without sin; not even one.” Thank God the verse doesn’t end there! This passage goes on to remind us of our marvelous salvation through trusting Jesus.

This reality drives me as an individual and GNPI as an organization. We want to show people of many cultures and worldviews that while no rule book will save them or give them enduring happiness, a relationship with Jesus Christ can teach us how to live and find wonderful peace.


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