Permission Requested, Permission Granted

//Permission Requested, Permission Granted

Permission Requested, Permission Granted

b_PermissionGrantedTo continue producing The Global Gospel in the world’s top 25 languages by 2015, we are constantly praying that permission for the “next” language will be granted.

Producing a new language is not as simple as just raising the funds to pay an actor and doing the recording and required editing and post-production work. Since each version of The Global Gospel comes straight from Scripture, we must get copyright permission to use the particular Bible version and translation required for each language.

Some have come easily and some, well, let’s just say the Lord has taught us that patience is a virtue. In October, after a long period of waiting, we received paperwork to finalize an agreement with Biblica, a worldwide publisher that holds the copyright for many language translations of the Bible.

GNPI is thankful for its partnership with Biblica, which conducts its ministry through partnerships in 71 countries. Biblica is currently working on 35 translations projects in 34 countries.

The contract with Biblica will allow GNPI to move forward with four key languages for The Global Gospel: the Arabic, Kiswahili, Thai and Tagalog versions for North Africa, East Africa, Thailand and the Philippines. These languages alone will allow GNPI to reach more than 370 million people with the life of Christ.

Thank you for praying for the continued spread of The Global Gospel. Pray that these and future productions will go out with POWER to IMPACT the world through the story of Christ!

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