Packing Solar Kits in Thailand

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Packing Solar Kits in Thailand

One of the most helpful ministry tools GNPI provides is the Solar Kit. Our coworkers have been developing the Solar Kit for more than 30 years.

Jeff Silkwood packing Solar Kit

GNPI currently has two workshops where the Solar Kits are assembled, in Joplin and in Damoh. A third workshop is underway in Chiang Mai, which was made possible by a generous grant.


For each region of the world, the Solar Kit is configured in the way that best serves the people of the area and is most affordable. In the year that Jeff Silkwood has worked at GNPI-Thailand, one of his responsibilities has been to make sure all Solar Kit components are accessible in Thailand.


In the following video, Jeff explains his work on the Solar Kit to his mother, Gayle Silkwood, who has worked alongside her husband in media ministry in Thailand for nearly 30 years.

We appreciate Jeff’s work at GNPI-Thailand, and we are excited for him and his wife Mary as they prepare to transition back to ministry work in the US.


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