Opportunities Are Calling

//Opportunities Are Calling

Opportunities Are Calling

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I was asked the other day by a supporter of GNPI, “Mike, where do you see GNPI going in the future?” I reached in my pocket and pulled out my iPhone 6 and replied, “Right here!” To prove my point, here are a few statistics from a recent video talk by author and consultant Tomi Ahonen on some important global trends and impact from mobile phone use:

  1. Mobile is bigger (in dollars) than the radio, Internet, television, personal computer, and landline markets combined.
  2. Advertisers to youth markets are ending TV advertising.
  3. A $10 equivalent to the iPhone is projected by 2019.
  4. Text messaging is used by 73% of the planet.

GNPI continues to move toward relevance by preparing content customized for mobile phone use and developing various ministry phone apps. Take out your phone, download  The GNPI App, and learn more! A world of new opportunities is calling you!


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