Obedience and Open Doors

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Obedience and Open Doors

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Many stories illustrate how God has gone before us in the completion of a template and 24 language versions of The Global Gospel (TGG). For security reasons, I will be a bit vague with this story about the newest version. Recently, a ministry partner wrote,

“We started yesterday, and everything went very well. The voice talent was from North Korea. He escaped more than 10 years ago and is very passionate about doing this project. One of the beautiful things about working with him is that he is using a North Korean accent for the recording. The words are pronounced in a way so they are clearly understood there. I am thankful he can speak Mandarin; that’s how we communicate. He learned Mandarin when he escaped to China and lived there for several years. God is blessing us with this project, and I am very pleased with how it is coming together.”

Did you catch that? They’re working together using Mandarin to record the Korean version of TGG. The narrator has risked much and illustrates the truth that “obedience when it’s hard is the greatest obedience of all.”

The obedience of these two men will allow millions in a difficult to reach part of the world to have access to the simple stories of Jesus. No door is closed so tightly that God cannot open it!

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