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Testimony of new Christian in SE Asia
A Christian man, who is a family friend, showed up with a guest at 8:00 on a Sunday morning. We had two and a half hours before our church service. My friend brought MT to meet our family, and we welcomed him. MT is a bit shy. He is an Indian young man and an orphan with a Muslim background. MT lives with some friends his age. Read More

Testimony of Christian worker in India
We used it in 27 different villages so far, with almost 2,000 people attending to see our Gospel film programs. We had 138 people who gave their lives to Jesus, and in one village the whole tribe converted. Read More

Christian worker who has used Solar Kits for 31 years is interviewed at ICOM
Brother Juan Rodriguez in Panama has been preaching for 36 years. For all but five of those years, he has been using Solar Kits from GNPI. Their appearance has evolved over time, but the powerful effect has remained constant. He has shown Christian films to large crowds, including some who have never seen a television! Read More