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New Showings of All Things New

  • Posted On June 12, 2014
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by Nenette Pacoli, regional director of GNPI-Philippines
It is encouraging to see that the Lord is doing great things with our new projects as well as continuing to use our former ones. All Things New is a drama about how Christ transforms the lives of four street kids. Our mighty God

Pray for the Philippines

GNPI’s regional center in the Philippines is located in Manila on the island of Luzon. Only about 2,000 of the 7,107 Philippine Islands are inhabited. The island of Luzon is the 4th most populated island in the world and is home to about half of the country’s population (which is

Prayers & Praises

“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal.” — Isaiah 26:3-4


Like a Healing Touch!
Robert of GNPI-Chandigarh, India, writes, “Last Saturday, GNPI staff members packed our bags and went to a lepers’ colony to preach through our Solar Kits.

My Cup Runneth Over!

  • Posted On June 10, 2014
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by Nenette Pacoli, regional director of GNPI-Philippines
My friend, Pastor NS, visited our office this morning to tell of his experience of showing WWJD to young people in a small but growing church north of Manila.
In February, he showed the WWJD episode of Courtship to more than 70 young people, more

Increase the Annual Revenue by 48%!

  • Posted On June 9, 2014
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With two-thirds of the world still seeking Christ, the challenge of every kingdom worker is huge. At GNPI, we’ve established key strategic goals to outline our path forward in doing the work we feel God has given us. I’ve shared them with you during the past several weeks, but in

Pray for SE Asia

Some countries in SE Asia are not receptive to the Gospel, as Buddhism is the number one religion in that region of the world. But truly, not a week goes by that we don’t receive word from our co-workers there telling us of people coming to know the Lord and

Raziel Shares His Story

  • Posted On June 3, 2014
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by Gustavo Velázquez, regional director of GNPI-Mexico

The recent presentation of the short film, Desatado por Sangre (Raziel’s story), was a great blessing. The film is about how God can transform the life of a down-and-out addict. The auditorium was packed. More than 330 people attended the presentation. Raziel preached the

Prayers & Praises

“Lord, hear my voice. Let your ears be attentive to my cry for mercy.” — Psalm 130:2


A Big Success!
Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Kenya writes, “The Distant Boat, the movie we co-produced, has been a big success! We’ve had nominations in some of the festivals we entered, and we are also getting invitations to

Grow and Develop the GNPI Board of Directors!

As I sat in his office and explained GNPI’s new strategic plan, the missions pastor was careful to hear each of GNPI’s seven goals.

After I finished he commented, “So many non-profit ministries overlook the importance of an effective and robust board. I’m glad to hear that GNPI has a priority

Thai City Street

  • Posted On May 31, 2014
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by Pa See Vang, Creative Team Assistant, GNPI

I get to travel with photos. This one in particular is to a Thai city street. Can you imagine the sound of thousands of voices and activities? It must be tough trying to hear anyone. It’s incredible that God knows and hears each