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New Sisters In Christ

Timothy P., Regional Director of GNPI-SE Asia

ZHJ is a young Christian I have trained to share the Gospel. Last month he gave a three-day seminar. He said, “We invited those who would like to know the true and living God, and 23 people came to listen. At the end of the seminar, 12 people decided to accept Christ as Savior and be baptized.”

These ladies come from different backgrounds, but each one has a new relationship with Christ. The pictures are not very good quality, but I want you to see what God has done through this man. Praise the Lord!

 I inherited Christianity from my parents, but I wasted my time doing religious things like singing, giving offerings, and attending church services without having a personal relationship with Christ. Now I know that Jesus is in control of everything, all-powerful, yet He gave His life to save me from going to Hell. Unless I have a personal relationship with Christ, I am nothing. I thank God and Jesus my Savior. Now I will only serve Him and worship Him.

1. Daw Ning Htang

I was an animist, a spirit worshipper. All of my life I believed that only spirit worship could give me blessings and good luck. Today I have found Jesus who has power over spirits. His love for me is sufficient. I have learned that Jesus overcame death. Someday He will take me to Heaven. This is the most wonderful thing in my life. I am very happy to know I am a child of God. I no longer fear the spirits.

3. Daw Awe Naing

I grew up in a Buddhist family, so I did not know about Jesus. I knew there was a God that Christians worship. When I heard about Jesus, I was very glad. Jesus has overcome death, was raised, and is still living. He also has authority over the spirits. I was a worshipper of the spirits. Everything in my life was connected with spirits. I feared the spirits would cause me to die if I did not serve them. It became a big burden for me.

Today I choose to follow Jesus. He is coming back again to take us to Heaven where there is no sorrow and no sadness, but it is full of wonderful things. I will serve Him and follow Him the rest of my life.

4. Daw Ne Gwi

 One day I heard about Jesus who is all powerful, and I was fascinated to hear about Him. I asked the preacher who visited my village to tell me more about Jesus. I gave up everything and decided to follow Jesus. He suffered for me, so I don’t have to suffer anymore. He died for me, so I don’t have to die. That is a wonderful news! Jesus owns the universe. Now I accept Him as my personal Savior.

10. Daw Ning Paing

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