New Life and New Opportunities

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New Life and New Opportunities

God continues to draw people to himself. It’s exciting to see how he is working through small grassroots productions teams (NOMaD teams) around the world.

By Protus Sibukule, leader of the NOMaD team in Eldoret, Kenya

With newly baptised believers

“We thank our Almighty God for sustaining us. He is Ebenezer¹ indeed! I did an evangelistic outreach in various areas recently. God was so gracious and loving by allowing us to reach to remote areas such as Lwakhakha, an area near the border of Uganda and Kenya.


We showed our Christian films after doing house-to-house evangelism, and many accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and were baptized. Praise God!

This lady got baptised after watching our christian films

“I had another opportunity to minister to thousands of youth who had converged for their annual conference in Marakwet County. Many believed Jesus after viewing our Christian films using a Solar Kit. We thank God so much for his faithfulness. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.”

I ministered at a youth camp from North Rift Churches of Christ


¹ Meaning: stone of help

This was the memorial stone set up by Samuel to commemorate the divine assistance to Israel in their great battle against the Philistines, whom they totally routed (1 Sam. 7:7-12) at Aphek, in the neighborhood of Mizpeh, in Benjamin, near the western entrance of the pass of Beth-horon. Ebenezer is mentioned three times in the Bible.


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