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New Friend From Finland

She stopped by our booth one evening to learn about The Global Gospel. I explained the purpose of the 88 stories from the Life of Christ, and that they were free to take. She was humbled by the gift.

Then she looked at the Solar Kit on the other end of the table and asked what it did. I explained it was a solar-powered projector with speakers to play teaching materials like The Global Gospel. She asked, “But how much does it cost?”

I learned that she works with refugee children and could envision the program and the Solar Kit helping greatly. As I insisted that she could have both free of charge, she caught herself choking up, began to shed a tear, and walked away.

I assured her it was true, and that I just needed her business card so we could stay in contact. She said, “I’ll come back, this is just too much to take in, because you insist this is all free. You see, after coming out of a camp where everything comes at a cost, I just need to think about it.”

It reminded me that if I would have totally appreciated the gift of grace Jesus gave to me one winter day in 1976, I too might have been overwhelmed. Like this woman, I might have walked away wondering if it was too good to be true.

We don’t have to wonder. It was true then, and it is true today.

It’s also true that you help us offer free-of-charge programs and tools that make a difference. You are making a difference not only to the listeners in refugee camps, but also to the worker from Finland serving those refugees.

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By Shari Barron - 21 August 2016 - Reply

OK, but what I have been trying to find out, is how much money should our mission committee contribute to you in order for you to provide a “free” solar kit! And the answer does not seem to be on your website! So, let me put it another way: What is the suggested contribution to make another solar kit available? —- Shari Barron, Missions Chair, West Hills Christian Church, Bristol, TN

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