Networking Synergy

Networking Synergy

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

GNPI loves the synergy that results from networking! Veteran missionaries to South Africa, Jeff and Patrick Kenee, stopped by the Joplin office to see our Solar Kit, which had been enhanced quite a bit since they had last seen it. We also visited about Project Nomad. Jeff and Patrick have partnered with us in training our Project Nomad-South Africa team.

While we were having these conversations, Sam and Nancy Shewmaker stopped by on their way from Columbia, Missouri, to their home in Dallas, Texas. Sam was born to missionary parents in Zambia more than 60 years ago, and the Shewmakers have ministered in Africa extensively. Sam served as a founding trustee in 1994 for GNPI’s regional center in Nairobi, Kenya.


Jeff and Patrick had heard of the Shewmakers but had never met them. It was a blessing to see their mutual admiration as they shared stories around our conference table. It was an added thrill to see all four of them gathered around the table as Director of Development Matt Brock showed them how the new Solar Kit worked!


It brought back great memories for the Shewmakers as they talked about productions created by Africans being shared by local evangelists. GNPI witnessed new friendships that day and had the privilege of watching as God worked through our ministry network once again.

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