National Restoration

//National Restoration

National Restoration

I continue to reflect on the March visit we had from Dr. Sergei Golovin and his wife, Olga. As much as we benefited from their trip to share what God is doing in Ukraine and Russia, they were also given a mighty boost from their interactions with so many stateside who provided love, care, and encouragement.

Until displaced by the looming military and political conflict, Sergei lived for decades in Simferopol, Ukraine. It is where his parents lived before him. Last year, when Russia took over the city of Simferopol and the entire Crimean Peninsula, it assumed it could start with the critical sea harbor at Crimea and move westward across all of Ukraine. However, these plans didn’t come to pass.

“What they underestimated,” said Sergei, “was the Ukrainians’ resolve to, ‘not be taken back to Egypt’ or put another way, not come again under the rule of communistic Russia.”

The onslaught has taken its toll on Ukraine. Ukraine is weak, but not defeated. Dazed, but not paralyzed. Young, but not foolish as a nation. Stripped down and almost bare, according to Sergei, Ukraine is starting to find revival because it was forced to do so.

Sergei said it well, “Good governance seeks the rights of mankind; good Christianity seeks a way to gracefully give up those rights.”

It’s from this posture of seeming brokenness that Sergei sees exciting opportunities to build a new nation founded on the principles of God and his Word.

That is national restoration!


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