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More Motivation for GNPI-Mexico

By Gustavo Velázquez, Regional Director of GNPI-Mexico

I want to share some feedback from those interacting with our media content on Vimeo and YouTube. No doubt each of these comments motivates us to work with greater enthusiasm and commitment as viewers express their hearts about our ministry.

Freed by Blood (Raziel)

  • Motivation for Mexico3“I just finished watching your video, and I think about my brother’s life. I hope he can change the way you did, of course with the help of God.”
  • “This man is called Raziel and I have known him very well since childhood. Everything that happens in this video is true. I saw when it started to come together with the greatest people in the neighborhood, Kiko Cano and Vato Alonso Reyno. It gives me great pleasure to see that Raziel has changed. Now he is respected, and I feel great admiration for him as he has proven his transformation shamelessly through this film. I want you to share this video so others can see and share it too.”
  • “This video made me mourn. It is amazing how God can change the lives of people who were unbelieving. This movie really made me think, and I cried. Thanks to those who made this film.”

Last Prayer

  • Motivation for Mexico2“What a beautiful message! It has come at an important time in my life. Thanks for uploading this kind of movie.”
  • “Beautiful movie! I cried a lot with this movie because this mother tries to do everything to see her son in the way of our Lord. Blessings to the actors, producers, and especially those who see the film, so that the Word of God can penetrate their hearts. Onward, my brothers! “
  • “I thank God for the creators of these Christian films. I pray that God will bless your ministry together with your families, today and always.”
  • “The message of this film helped me realize I need to change my life and accept Christ as my Lord and Savior.”

No Alternative

  • Motivation for Mexico4“Great movie for presentation at the parks to youth. God give you more ideas for further work in this ministry in many more problems you have today’s youth. Keep up this great ministry, blessings from Colombia “
  • “I liked the movie. I did not know about murdering the fetus. This movie is educational, and it is very good to evangelize. Producers, God bless.”
  • “Congratulations on this excellent film with a message for youth and parents. Move forward in the ministry that God has entrusted to you.”

Promise of Love

  • “Thanks for uploading this movie. It encouraged me a lot. I’m married, and I know God. I know that one day God will touch the heart of my husband. I know God will keep his promise.”
  • “What a beautiful film! God always gives us a light and a hope. I was very shocked and wanted a new life too.”


  • Motivation for Mexico1a“Terrific post, many young people may say that they are not going to happen, but the reality is very clear. This is a video that reflects the reality that we live in these times “


Continue to pray for us. We will soon be ready to release the third short film No Return.  Thank you for partnering with us to provide practical and meaningful Christian messages to Spanish speakers. Blessings!

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