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More Like Him

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

The other day I came across this anonymous quote: “History is full of men who would be gods, but only one God who would be man.”  

Listening to today’s political chatter, studying the lessons of history, and considering the world’s religions all point to the truth in this statement. Pharaoh, Herod, Nero, and Hitler all wanted to be more than just a man; they wanted to claim the place that belongs only to God.

Small men who try to be become large gods fail in mercy and compassion. Our awesome God became a man and showed these things to the lowest in society. The publican, tax collector, leper, divorcee, and traitor all find mercy from Jesus, the Son of God.

This is such Good News. It motivates me to gladly receive mercy and freely give compassion. Only then, will a mere man even begin to look more like the God he is serving.


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