Miracle of the Incarnation

//Miracle of the Incarnation

Miracle of the Incarnation

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Have you ever felt a disconnect with a peer, struggled to appreciate a new style of music, or disliked the latest hair style? All of these indicate a dissonance, a temporary shift in taste and culture. Now imagine being asked to use another language like Chinese to chat with your peer,  to appreciate Indian-style music for supper, or adapt to an Arabic hairstyle donned by your uncle!

AWKWARD, right?

Those are just three of the 73 ways human beings are different from one another. When the Bible says that Jesus became man, He (as God) became a Jewish man in all 73 ways as He walked among those people. He wasn’t a Roman, a Greek, or an Indian because the Father wanted Him to minister among His chosen people in Israel. This was the miracle of the incarnation.

The supporters of GNPI have believed strongly in this incarnation principle, or being culturally relevant, for more than 40 years. Without it, conversations about Jesus are, well, awkward.

Does it work? It certainly does; up to 43 people around the world are touched with every dollar you invest in GNPI.

This Christmas we will again remember the miracle of the incarnation. It reminds us how passionate God is in communicating heart to heart and soul to soul.

By the way, I’m still thinking about that new haircut too!


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