Millions of Muslim Kids Are Watching

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Millions of Muslim Kids Are Watching

Imagine millions of kids from the Arab world singing songs and learning about Jesus with their parents! Our partners in Cyprus are using The Global Gospel videos to create a kid’s series with a popular Arabic-speaking host and sharing the half-hour programs with a huge satellite ministry in the region.

The result: many parents said it was one of the best youth programs they have access to these days. The satellite ministry needs Bible based content and began using the programming as soon as it was available.

The television executives report that several million kids are watching the series. An added benefit is uploading parts of the broadcast about Jesus on Facebook where more questions and answers can be discussed with moms and dads too.

Missionaries can’t go there, Bibles can’t be mailed, but sharing Jesus through their TVs and cell phones is just the ticket to reaching a new generation!

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