Methods Always Change

//Methods Always Change

Methods Always Change

By Mike Schrage, Executive Director, GNPI

Different people, from business leaders to fitness experts, have been attributed as saying, “Methods are many, principles are few. Methods change, but principles never do.”

Through the years at GNPI the expression of our mission has been adjusted, but the primary intent has always been the same.The most recent addition to our written mission statement adds two simple words: “and technology.”

GNPI equips the body of Christ with culturally relevant media and technology to accelerate global evangelism.

SmartphonesWe’ve expanded the statement because of our complex and fast-paced world in which technology is essential. Technology today can facilitate a seamless transition from production to distribution of media just about anywhere in the world. Media and technology have become paired like milk and cookies or baseball and hot dogs.

Today, some would even say media dictates the message! The evening news has become more entertainment because television stations need advertisers, and advertisers want viewers. The media is dictating the message.

A tangible example of how technology is vital to our mission is the mobile phone. This technology continues to deliver content with increasing effectiveness. So much so, that technology dictates content design. At GNPI, we are excited about exploring Apps to deliver culturally relevant content to Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists in places where missionaries aren’t even allowed!

All of this is to say that we see media and technology paired like never before, with great potential to share Christ with people to impact their eternity.

If you’re able, I hope you’ll make plans to join us for one of our Vision Night opportunities coming in March; we’ll share much more about Vision Night in the weeks to come. In short, it’s a celebration of these opportunities and we’ll get to see them through the eyes of our special guest, Manee Ross, Regional Director for GNPI-Damoh, India. I think you’ll be blown away by what he has to say.

Methods are many and principles are few. At GNPI, the film-strip projectors of 1976 may become the mobile phones of 2014, but our mission to accelerate global evangelism with cultural relevance will never change.

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