Message of Authority

//Message of Authority

Message of Authority

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

They were amazed by His teaching in Luke 4:32 because His Message had authority. A message has authority in three ways; it must be true, timely, and tested.

Truth has great authority. Nothing cuts to the quick or has the ability to convict hearts like truth. Two plus two always equals four, and truth is an eternal axiom. It withstands criticism from the majority simply because it is true. As light always dispels darkness, truth always dispels a lie.

Authority also comes with a timely message. The Holy Spirit helps you and I to achieve the “word aptly spoken” principle. God helps us to say the right things at the right times. Though our words may be common, when the situation is ripe and a heart is open, a timely message can invade the heart and soul. Common words become uncommonly relevant, convicting, and powerful! They are words with authority.

Finally, a message has authority when it is has been tested. When a truthful message from the Holy Spirit crosses our lips at the right time and is supported by a life of integrity, it is a word of authority! A principle is illustrated, a challenge is offered, and the path is blazed by the speaker’s own “skin in the game.” This “follow me” posture adds actions to words. No questions remain regarding the commitment of the one who is bringing the message.

Jesus spoke with authority of Truth. The Holy Spirit timed His Messages for relevant godly teaching. His life authenticated His Message even in giving His life for them, and us, regardless of whether the Message was accepted or rejected.

A listening and watching world is hungry for an authoritative message. GNPI’s mission has always been and will always be delivering God’s Word with great authority to people and cultures throughout the world.

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