Media Strategies Matter

//Media Strategies Matter

Media Strategies Matter

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Content alone used to be king; it was all about the message. This is changing. With today’s technology, media methodology and the timing of the delivery are also critical. Today, the message and the media strategy matter!

As an illustration, President-elect Donald Trump was chosen as Time magazine’s “Person of the Year.” Why? It’s due to his disruption of the normal political process. Regardless of who received your vote, there have been huge changes. Here is what Jim Dennison wrote:

“Every successful presidential candidate in my lifetime was chosen by a political party that then provided the infrastructure necessary for him to get his message to the nation. The candidate was obligated to work with the media in this regard, since they determine what they will print and air. Donald Trump’s candidacy followed none of these norms. Most of the Republican Party establishment did all it could to prevent his nomination. Most of the mainstream media did all they could to prevent his election. But the technology of our day enabled him to speak directly to his followers in ways that galvanized their support and fueled his movement.”

Of course the message is critical, but media delivery is important as well. In this case Trump’s use of social media, specifically Twitter, went directly to the people.

At GNPI, we focus on excellence in media strategy and excellence in media production. How the media will be used, who the audience is, what response we want to see, and what follow-up data indicates is more important than ever as we seek to make an impact through disciples who make disciples.

Mr. Trump may be “Person of the Year,” but we pursue the best way to use media strategies and biblical content to effectively communicate to a diverse world that Jesus Christ is the “Person for Eternity!”

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