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Media Resources Move People to Repentance

With every evening news broadcast, our world seems more bleak and hopeless than the night before. But as you support GNPI, prayerfully and/or financially, you ARE making a difference. One example of how you are involved in changing lives comes from Protus Sibukule, from the NOMaD team in Eldoret, Kenya.

Media Resources 2 copy“Recently we took our evangelism to Busia District of Uganda after having been invited by our friend who had earlier seen our Christian films. Indeed God is good. A good number of people turned up to our meeting which ran for two days, and the impact was great as many were touched and eventually invited Jesus into their lives.”

Protus went on to mention several video resources they used during the two days they were in the Busia District. One GNPI-produced drama called Dume Halisi tells the story of a typical husband and wife, and the socially acceptable, domineering attitude of many African men toward their wives. This can include bullying, extra marital affairs, and physical abuse. Protus describe the impact Dume Halisi had on one couple. Media Resources 1 copyAfter watching it, they publicly admitted that this was exactly what was happening in their marriage. Then they repented and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

Protus said, “Praise Jesus! We prayed for them and gave them a Bible to guide them in their spiritual walk. We glorify God for the wonderful media tools that he has given us.”

Every time you make GNPI your choice to help reach the lost, it’s much more than just writing a check. You are partnering with a global network that is actively making the Gospel accessible to people who may not otherwise hear the name of Jesus.

Rest assured, you ARE making a difference.


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