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Media Multiplies and Empowers

Imagine your local school board gathering to discuss which new book titles are best for their teachers’ curriculum. Imagine a college faculty meeting to learn how to incorporate relevant Christian thought into their university culture. Our global partner is accomplishing this kind of impact with your help.

Dr. Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Eurasia is working to “shine the light of the Good News in the darkness of atheism and communist ideology imposed on many generations in our part of the world 100 years ago!

Sergei recently helped organize and teach at an international conference for leading Christian intellectuals who met to discuss various approaches to shift the post-communist world mentality toward a Bible-based worldview. All the sessions and seminars were recorded on video and streamed over the Internet. The resources are now available online and can be accessed by the people in remote and restricted areas. Sergei says, “It is amazing how media multiplies and empowers our limited efforts!”

Sergei was encouraged to see many of his former students now managing their own ministries or serving in the public offices to make a real impact on society.



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