Media Insights from Dr. Billy Graham

//Media Insights from Dr. Billy Graham

Media Insights from Dr. Billy Graham

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I really enjoyed the following tribute from MinistryTech Magazine.* Here are some of my favorite insights.

Billy Graham may have been “America’s Pastor,” but he was also one of the most innovative users of technology in the 20th century!

His call from God, passion for pre-followers of Christ, and use of technology enabled his team to preach to 215 million people in live audiences in 185 countries and territories and countless millions through radio, television, movies, and the Internet.

The open crusade required sound technicians and logistics planning. He later launched a state-of-the-art publishing empire that began Christianity Today Magazine in 1956. He participated in weekly television broadcasts on ABC network in 1957.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association utilized publishing, broadcasting, websites, social media, databases, financial integrity, and accountability (think ECFA). Yet at the heart of it all, was the singular goal of reaching others with the Good News.

In an era before data collection and email, this organization was able to track every decision for Christ and refer every new believer to a local church for follow-up.

Dr. Graham delivered a TED talk in 1998 on the limits of technology and offered this closing insight, “The problem is not technology. The problem is the person using it. Technology projects the myth of control over our mortality.”

Perhaps one of the reasons Billy Graham became known as America’s Pastor was because he, like Paul, in 1 Corinthians 9:22-23, “used all possible means.”

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