Media in a New Era of Global Missions

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Media in a New Era of Global Missions

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Last month I sat around a table at the Endiro Coffee Shop in Mbale, Uganda with three other men. Danny Hughes is the global outreach minister from Chandler Christian Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Dennis Okoth leads Messiah Theological Institute in Mbale. Kennedy Obura is a Kenyan missionary to South Sudan. Danny and I were listening intently to what Kennedy and Dennis had to say.

Our brothers described some of the challenges they’ve faced over the past 10 years, as they live and work in the war-torn country of South Sudan. As waves of thousands of refugees come and in the middle of great poverty, God is working mightily through men like Kennedy and Dennis in the multi-ethnic area of South Sudan.

Together they shared how more than 50 Sudanese have sacrificed greatly in order to learn more about Christ by attending their small extension training school. The Lord is transforming these men and women. They are sharing new life with their communities through simple, but effective, training in disciple-making.

Kennedy also mentioned his excitement about the ability to teach via video. Once his lesson is recorded, it’s copied onto mini-SD cards and shared from phone to phone. In addition, Kennedy uses Solar Kits to deliver training and teaching to suffering mothers, itinerant farmers, and poorly educated Sudanese children.

These technologies aren’t new. In many ways we’ve been slow in using them to teach, equip, share, and transform. However, our ability to use media effectively is growing, and we believe it will produce a great harvest of beautiful fruit in the days to come in Africa and beyond.

Danny and I left the meeting with Dennis and Kennedy with joy in our hearts. When we wait patiently on God, He reveals the future using committed men and women who follow His leading to make disciples who, in turn, make disciples.

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