Media Helps Make Disciples

//Media Helps Make Disciples

Media Helps Make Disciples

I sat in the room with Christian workers from North Africa who work in a tough, resistant environment, listening to a prolific disciple-maker share steps to successful church multiplication. He has helped plant churches in China and India that are now thriving. As I listened, he spoke powerfully to my heart and mind about the priority of Jesus’ command to “make disciples.” Yes, we’re called to share the salvation of Christ, but our work is also about the process of sanctification, creating followers of Christ who carry their cross daily.

We can see the fantastic work so many are doing in the name of Jesus. People are working for justice, drilling wells, taking in the oppressed and orphaned, and feeding the hungry. There is an overarching objective that ties them all together and gives them true power. These needs are met to share the love of Christ and draw others into a relationship with him that blossoms into a passion to draw others. When this cycle is effective, churches begin and they, eventually, lead to other churches!

This teacher went on to say, “It is hard to be a good follower and disciple-maker if you don’t listen to the Master!” In his experience, people make the huge decision to accept Christ by making a host of smaller decisions that build on one another. What truly excited me was when he mentioned the role media plays in helping people who are seeking Christ. Yes, he emphasized what we’ve known for decades; media is key in helping today’s spiritual seekers encounter the Living God.

God continues to confirm, through the people we partner with and reach, that media is more important than ever in the process of fulfilling the The Great Commission. We consider it an honor to be in the same room as people like this great teacher, and we are even more humbled that God would choose GNPI to play a significant role in preparing his bride, the church, for Christ Jesus.

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